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Do you have any news to share about the Vining family? births, marriages, deaths? graduations? honors received? genealogical puzzles solved? Please send them along for inclusion in our News and Notes.

Spring 2024
January 2024
We'd like to welcome John Milton Vining as our newest lifetime member. Welcome, John!

The Vining Family Association is looking for a volunteer Genealogist who would be interested in validating research and updating the site. They would work directly with the webmaster and do not need any technical training. If you're interested, please email

Fall 2023
   Fall 2023 newsletter

October 2023
It is with great sadness that we note the passing of Nancy Viniing Startin, age 90. Nancy was a life member of the Vining Family Association and mother to Tammy Nolen, VFA Board of Directors. Nancy will be greatly missed. The Vining Family Association extends it deepest condolences to Tammy and family.

Spring 2023
   Spring 2023 newsletter

May 2023
The Vining Family Association wishes a very Happy 90th Birthday to VFA Life Member, Nancy Vining Startin. Congratulations, Nancy, on this amazing milestone!

January 2023
Welcome to our newest Life Member:

The Vining Family Association welcomes Charlotte M. Vining, of Flower Mound, Texas, as a life member. She is a new Member at Large, replacing John Vining who is the Website Manager.

Fall 2022
   Fall 2022 newsletter

Summer 2022
September 2022
   Congratulations to John Vining, Website Manager of the Vining Family Association, and Clare Moran, on the birth of their daughter, Nell Moran Vining, on September 5, 2022!

August 2022
Vining Essay Contest
   The Vining Family Association announces an essay contest. The contest is open to anyone who is interested in writing a 1,500 maximum word essay on a Vining. The essay may be about a Vining of the writer's choice and may be expository, narrative or descriptive in nature. The winning essayist will receive an Ancestry DNA Kit and have their essay published in the Vining Family Association's Newsletter.

   Entries may be emailed to Judi A. Vining,, or sent by traditional mail to Judi A. Vining, P. O. Box 505, Yardley, PA 19067.

Spring 2022
February 2022
Weymouth, MA 400th Anniversary
   Congratulations and best wishes to Weymouth, Massachusetts, on its 400th anniversary (1622 - 2022) - Vining Family Association

Fall 2021
December 2021
Tom Vining's retirement
   VFA Member John Vining is now the Website Manager for the Vining Family Association.
   Thomas F. Vining, creator and Website Manager of the Vining Family Association has retired. Tom did an amazing job maintaining the website and researching genealogy when requested. Tom helped many people discover their roots and ancestors. We wish Tom well in his retirement.

Spring 2021
   Spring 2021 newsletter

March 2021
Welcome to our newest Life Member
   We welcome Elizabeth “Libby” (Vining) Hanifin (Ocean Ridge, Florida) as a Life Member of the Vining Family Association.

Manget Clifford Vining - information sought
   The Vining Family Association received the following request via e-mail:
I’m trying to locate any information members may have about Manget Clifford Vining (1916–1994), particularly any information relating to his service during WW2 where I believe he was posted to the UK, at least during the early part of 1944. I’d love to know what regiment he served in. I applied to the National Personnel Records Center in St Louis over a year ago but what with covid I don’t see that yielding any results anytime soon. I’d also love to locate a picture of him if anyone has one.
   Any thoughts or help you can offer will be gratefully welcomed. With thanks and best wishes, Stephen (

February 2021
Harold Rowe “Hal” Holbrook (17 February 1925 – 23 January 2021)
   Many of you may remember the late actor Hal Holbrook’s portayal of Mark Twain in his long-running one-man show. When he was a young child, he and two sisters were raised by his patermal grandparents. His parternal grandfather was Allen Vining Holbrook (see 1930 census of South Weymouth, Weymouth, Norfolk County, Massachusetts), whose Vining line through his mother is Lois Bates Vining, Allen Vining, Noah Vining, David Vining, Richard Vining, John Vining, John Vining, John Vining (the immigrant ancestor in that line). —Judi Vining

Vining authors
   Vickie Vining, has written a book, Life Goes On: The Story of Elberta Loucille Dale Vining. Elberta married Virgil Vining, who appears under his father, Harry Ray Vining, in the online Vining Genealogy. The book tells Elberta’s story, starting with her birth in Chaflin, Kansas, and it contains many photographs and interesting details of her life. It is available on Amazon. —John Vining   (editor’s note: Elberta is the grandmother of John Vining, who serves on the Vining Family Association᾿s Board of Directors, and Vicki is his aunt.)

   Thomas F. Vining, website manager for the Vining Family Association and lead author Ruth Gortner Grierson, have published their first book together, Living on the Edge: A Guide to Tide Pool Animals, Seaweeds, and Seaside Plants. This is a guide to the common flora and fauna of the coastal habitats of Mount Desert Island and southern Maine, but it covers species that can be found north and/or south of Maine. A popular columnist for the weekly Mount Desert Islander, Ruth has written a nature column in newspapers for at least 50 years and in her nineties shows no sign of slowing down. Tom holds a graduate degree in botany from the University of Maine, and as a former interpretive ranger at Acadia National Park, shared his love of natural history with visitors to the park. The book is beautifully illustrated with colored photographs and includes delicious recipes from some of the items in the area. Most importantly, Ruth and Tom have raised awareness of the need to preserve the beautiful coastline of Maine for future generations. As musicians, Tom (on accordion) and Ruth (on fiddle) are both musicians and in other times may be found playing separately or together at various venues. Available from

Looking for an interesting historical read?
   Check out Penn by Elizabeth Gray Vining, a quaker from Philadelphia, PA. This book was considered by scholars for many years to be the primary source of Penn’s life. More to follow in the Spring 2021 Newsletter… —Judi Vining

Arthur Vining Davis
   If you watch many Public Broadcasting shows, you will find some of them are sponsored by The Arthur Vining Davis foundation. Mr. Davis died in 1962 as one of the 10 richest men in the US and left his fortune to a couple of foundations. In today’s dollars, it was almost 3.5 billion. If you are like me, you have probably wondered if you are related to Mr. Davis.
   I decided to find out how Mr. Davis was connected to the Vinings. His mother’s maiden name was Mary Frances Vining, and her father was Samuel Albert Vining. Looking up Samuel shows Vinings in Weymouth, Massachusetts, going back to John Vining in 1662. Unfortunately, Arthur Vining Davis’s family tree does not match mine (at least in the US). However, because of his foundation, more people have learned how to pronounce Vining. How do you explain to folks the proper way to say Vining? —Jim Vining
(editor’s note: Watch for more about Arthur Vining Davis in the Spring 2021 newsletter.)

January 2021
   Perhaps some of you remember the research done by Charles Andrew Vining of Florida, who died 10 August 2004. Charles Martin Vining, his oldest child, contacted the Vining Family Association about books and journals that his father had acquired in his research, and he subsequently donated them to the library of the associaton. The material they contain has been a valuable addition to the online Vining genealogy, and we thank him for his generosity.

   During January two individuals have contacted the Vining Family Association with updates for the online Vining genealogy. Thank you for their contributions.

   A note from the Web Manager of the online Vining genealogy. No one should be a “son of [?]”, and I am trying to eliminate that designation. On the first day of a month, I focus on those Vinings whose first name begins with A and whose father is unknown to us, and I try to find the missing connection. Then on the second day of a month, I work on the B individuals whose are designated as a “son of [?]”. Sometimes I am successful at making a connection, but sometimes when I do, I simply push the unknown connection back one generation. You can help by looking for those who are a “son of [?]” and seeing if you can find the missing link. Be sure to let me know if you do, so I can update the online genealogy.Thanks, Tom.

Spring 2017
   Spring 2017 newsletter